Gregory Rawlins: Elwha

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Recently, Vertigo was asked to master “Elwha” the newest self produced album by Greg Rawlins. What a treat it’s been! Greg’s music is hard to describe, saying he plays guitar and sings doesn’t seem to do it justice. The instrumentation is varied and the sound of one song to the next vastly different. I figured the best I could do to adequately explain this music was to write a little review about how it makes me feel… rather than what it sounds like… Crazy but here it goes!

Singer/Songwriter Greg Rawlins has done it again. His third solo album,”Elwha,” is an audible example of why we all need to stop and smell the roses.

Adventuring across 11 songs, Greg manages to capture the strangeness and graceful honesty of the human condition. The albums imagery stretches deep into rural America, conversing with antiquated farm equipment and negotiating passage with the sun as she casts her final shadows over the mountains. But the messages are deeper than rustic life in the Pacific
Northwest. Mr. Rawlins dive-bombs the heart of civilization and carefully re-builds musical skyscrapers one girder at a time, controlling each instrument and lyric with thoughtful precision as he crafts “Elwha” into a glowing metropolis of interpersonal communication, longing, loss, & inner balance. This is an album for humanity.

Musically, his most technical release to date, “Elwha” is brimming with sonic character. Greg’s voice brutally exposes the psyche of mankind while weaving a hypnotic web of rhythm and melody. His style is unique and satisfying, always revealing the integrity of his message, Greg is a true poet born into a musician’s body. I doubt there is another artist alive
that could deliver a lyric like, “nice to meet you pitchfork” and somehow cause me to trigger half a dozen mental images of long lost conversations, childhood memories, and awkward social encounters all at the same time.

“Elwha” stands tribute to what really matters in modern music, the ability to capture and convey raw emotion. The album is built of hard work, poetic catharsis, and love. I think you’ll feel it too.


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