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Pssst….we have a secret for you: Grandma Kelsey and Gregory Rawlins are breaking in Vertigo Productions new venue space, Winston’s Lair, on Monday, January 7 as one of two exclusive shows in Seattle on their Dapper Yeti tour and you’re invited!

Rooted in the Pacific Northwest (Grandma Kelsey hails from Boise, Idaho; Gregory Rawlins is from La Grande, Oregon), each artist expresses a distinctive sound rarely heard in the local alternative-folk movement. Biographical, acoustic, and decidedly lo-fi, Grandma Kelsey and Gregory Rawlins incorporate the best parts of tour-driven energy in their solo work. Intrigued? Well, here’s an introduction:

For those of you who unfamiliar with Grandma Kelsey or her performances, this is a show that can’t be missed. The lilting tremor of her voice accompanied by the familiar chirps of chord progressions reminds one of playing an old timey record rescued from a grandparent’s attic and dusted off. Grandma Kelsey’s sound is both charming and intimate, and her honesty alternates between coy and brutal. Waves of guitar-driven rhythm sounds like blood pounding in your ears; pauses in tempo are like skipping a heartbeat. Tickled by a quivery-voiced whisper, you crane your head and lean in further to hear her secrets of intimacy, perseverance, and devotion.

Gregory Rawlins could be classified as a folkie but as his musical pedigree attests (he’s been known to slings songs with La Grande’s Sons of Guns), the eloquence of his songwriting and polish of guitar skills are more than capable at bringing an audience to its feet and head nodding along. He’s also been working on new material while on tour, so look forward to a first-listen on some new songs!

If you haven’t already, make sure to clear your calendars and to catch both of these artists at Winston’s Lair on Monday night at 7pm.  Space is limited for this free show, so RSVPs (and donations) are appreciated. Hope to see you there!



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