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Do’s and Don’ts of Music Release

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You wouldn’t introduce the new boyfriend/girlfriend to your parents halfway through your first date, You wouldn’t invite friends to taste your cake while you’re whisking eggs into the flour, What makes recordings any different? Why …


Studio Remote Control

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When you’re in the middle of a great vocal or instrumental take, one of the most frustrating “vibe killers” is walking away from the microphone to hit rewind, move to another spot in the song, …


Setting up a Voice Over studio in your home

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A lot of voice over performers come to us for guidance in designing and building their own VO (voice over) studio. Recording vocals isn’t too technically taxing, but there are a few major considerations. I’ll …


How’s & Why’s of Stereo Recording

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Why to work in Stereo Humans have two ears on their head for the same reason they have two eyes. Much like the way our eyes work together to give us depth perception, our ears …


Ensure you’re Insured! – Protecting Your Studio

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Renter’s Insurance Doesn’t Cut It   Project studios are awesome. Home studios are awesome. Disaster is not. There is a common misconception about insuring your recording or music gear in the event of disaster or …


Sample Rates & External Summing: Keeping it REAL!

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People sometimes ask me why not just mix in the box? What’s the point of running through an external console or summing mixer? The answer is simple: it sounds better. Here is a long and …


Analog vs Digital—how much is too much?

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If recording to analog tape were a cost effective, problem free, time saving process everyone would do it.  It is, of course, none of those things. If you’re involved in audio recording you should have a …


The 64bit Future

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It’s 2013 and we haven’t been overrun by robots, or destroyed by Mayan prophecies. What has happened is we’ve added a bit more horsepower to our personal computing engines and it’s my job to blog …


Change the Gain, Don’t Let the Gain Change You – Compressor Basics

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Whether you’re busting phat rhymes and polishing your diamond-studded grill, or lighting some patchouli incense as you sit down to record your meditative harp album, virtually all styles of music will benefit from an appropriate …


Choosing the Right Cable

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If you’ve spent much time around musicians you’ll know there are a handful of cables involved in the audio world. Differentiating what cable to use for each application can be challenging at first so I’ve created an outline of …